How to configure BAM server with Application Manager in Linux

All of the documentation to configure wso2am server with BAM are confusing and misleading, I decided to share my experience to help my readers successfully configure it step by step, please follow those steps carefully and don’t miss any one:

1- download the latest BAM server (I used wso2bam-2.5.0) from the following link

note: I tried to find a direct link to use wget but I couldn’t find, so just use the browser and them use winscp and other tools to move it to /opt

2- By now,  I assume you have BAM installed on /opt/bam2/wso2bam-2.5.0

using your favorate editor open:  /opt/bam2/wso2bam-2.5.0/repository/conf/carbon.xml

(I use vim, to get it use yum install vim)

look for <Offset>0</Offset> and make it <Offset>3</Offset>, this will move the port numbering by 3

After restarting, your bam server can be accessed at /public IP:9446/

3- Install Mariadb (Trying to install MySQL as suggested by WSO2 will not work) save your time and use Mariadb

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